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motems's Journal

Breathless: Mild on the Eyes Males
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This community is ADULTS ONLY. If you are under 18, you need to come back when you are older. If I figure out you are under age, I will ban you.

If you love beautiful men, dressed or undressed, naughty or nice, then this is the place for you. Come, post pictures, make comments, post fantasies, claim your muses - whatever you want. If it's attractive and male, bring it on. Oh, and be sure to identify your men...we like to know their names and any other info you'd like to share...Please limit your offerings to men out in the public arena, ie ones who make a decision to put their faces in front of a camera, on a stage or in a magazine. I'm sure your boyfriend/best friend/brother is beautiful, but that's not appropriate for this community.

Please take care when posting pictures that you are uploading somewhere designated for that purpose. Please do not steal bandwidth. Webmasters just like me have to pay for that.

Welcome to the craziness....